First experience taking our animals to a new veterinarian - and I have to say, Hill High is absolutely wonderful. When I walked in I first noticed how calm, and stress-free the environment was here. Our previous vet offices were often very stressful to be in, for both owner and animal. The staff here is quick and efficient (please do your part and schedule an appointment - they see you very efficiently if you do). The vet techs are kind, compassionate, and go the long way to ensure a pleasant experience for you and your animal. They listen to your concerns and relay it to the doctor, good at communicating, are very gentle in handling your animal, and overall ensure a stress free visit for both you and pet. The veterinarians here a professional, knowledgeable, and also listen to your questions and concerns. I felt my pet was very well taken care of and evaluated. Thank you, we will be taking our animals here from now on!

Alena P.